image5What is a private day sail?
All of our trips are private, which means you are the only party booked for the day.
What is the price of your sailing trips?
Your cost includes a well maintained boat with a captain, crew and all-inclusive food and beverages. Prices range from $400.00-$650.00 dollars per trip.
How do I request information regarding charters?
The best way is to call, text (340) 514-2270 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Do you go to Buck Island?
No, there are plenty of off- the-beaten- track places to sail with wonderful snorkeling opportunities. Typically, we stay within the boundaries of the East End Marine Park from Green Cay to Teague Bay.
How long are your trips?
The half day is 4 hours-the full day is 6 hours.
What is your refund policy regarding weather?
If the weather is bad on the day of your trip we try to reschedule. If you cannot reschedule there is no penalty.
What should we bring aboard?
Towels, environmentally friendly sunscreen (no aerosol sunscreen please), cameras and extra T-shirts are essential but you can also bring special drinks and snacks. I highly recommend rash guards or UV protection shirts.
Does your boat have a boarding ladder?
Yes, ZULU is equipped with a custom built boarding platform and deep ladder for easy access on and off the boat.
Can, I get out of the sun?
Yes, the cockpit has a large head high canvas top to protect you from direct sunlight.
Do you provide snorkeling gear?
Yes, but please bring your personal gear if you have it with you. Make sure it is completely free of sand. If your mask is brand new please use soft scrub or toothpaste to wash off the manufacturer’s protective coating.
How many passengers can you accommodate?
Our capacity is regulated by the Coast Guard with a maximum of six passengers.
Do you provide food and beverages?
Yes, but many times people have particular food and drinks they prefer and we recommend you bring this aboard.
Do you give snorkeling lessons?
Yes, we like to give a thorough lesson as well as an environmental briefing of the area we are snorkeling.
Do you provide a snorkeling guide?
Yes, many customers are happy to know that the guides stay with you during the whole snorkeling experience. Our guides are experienced and stay with you pointing out various sea life along the trail.
What should I do for seasickness?
Take medication at least an hour before departure. But read the directions and medicate according to the recommended time and dosage requirement.
Do I need to have sailing experience?
No, but if you are a sailor, you can sail the boat as much as you like. Interactive trips are encouraged!

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